What we are

.netXpert is a premium IT service provider with its presence at Baroda in Gujarat. The company was established in 2005 at Baroda and is offering high quality products/services in Web Development, Web Hosting & IT Training sectors.

We have proven ourselves in each sector and created a brand name which is recognized by traits like efficiency, reliability and performance. With same sincerity and vision to create better and more skilled workforce in the industry, we are offering our specially designed training courses which are result oriented and targeted towards specialization in web development on various platforms.

Live Project Training


Why Choose Us?

.netXpert presents a much needed opportunity to students and freshers, mainly from IT background, to learn about the actual web development process based on industry standards and test their skills on live projects ongoing in-house in our company. This Live project training is a must-have and very useful means of acquiring new skills & knowledge which are not gained during academic years. In other words it takes your education to whole other level and prepares you to face the real-time production challenges. Our vision behind this Live Project Training is to make the candidates ready for their first job. As it is soon realized by students and freshers that the skills & knowledge they have so far is merely not enough to crack rigorous job interviews conducted by IT companies. This is not because they are not qualified but simply because they lack the practical exposure on real life projects which is the only way to find knowledge that cannot be found in any book. Once an individual has gone through the training, he/she is already prepared for any challenges thrown their way.

Our Services

To set objectives which are mirage for others but reality for us.
Formulate proficient as well as result-oriented solutions to attain our objectives.
We can only hope to be the best by offering the best. Likewise, you can only hope to be the best by getting the best.
Tested, proven and recognized. We keep climbing the graph with each passing day.

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