ASP.NET Course Content

  • Basic

  • Introduction of DotNet 4.0
  • Client Server Architecture, Configuring IIS
  • CLR,MSIL,JIT,CLS, Class Library, Assembly,Namespace, DLL and EXE etc.
  • .NET Framework In- Depth
  • Web Server Controls, Upload,Panel,Literal,Menu, GridView,Datalist etc.
  • Web User Controls, Your can make your own control.
  • ADO.NET ( Data Reader + Data Set + Data Table)
  • Web Service, Live demo of Online Currency Converter
  • Professional use of Javascript in webpage, ex. Digital clock, flying Plane, validation etc.
  • Email Sending with SMTP, Configuring Mail Server through IIS
  • Advanced

  • Uploading Project using FTP(File Transfer Protocol)
  • Uploading only DLL
  • Payment gateway integration, Live demo of Paypal payment gateway :CreditCard Transaction
  • Master pages - Design your site structure.
  • Dynamic Server Path
  • Query String
  • Captcha Images for security – Prevent bot attact in your website.
  • Thired Party DLL Files
  • Session and Application Objects – Maintain your variable on server.
  • Editable Gridview, Datalist etc. methods like OnRowcommand, OnRowDatabound etc.
  • Advanced

  • Cookies – Store your data at client side to remember user preferences.
  • How to create IP Tracking System
  • GoogleMap – Display your company and user’s location on google map.
  • In Depth Demo of Online Shopping App:Login,Registration,Forgot Password etc.
  • Validation Controls , Techniques for Memory Management on Serverside
  • Techniques for how to decrease load on server.
  • Database normalization techniques,Cascading Update and delete.
  • Project & Documentation Techniques.
  • SilverLight : Fancy designing and animation technology.
  • WCF : It is advanced web services.
  • LINQ :Advance database connectivity technology
  • JQuery : advance javascript for animating object.


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